Dumpling Alert at BAO

My favourite place to grab steamed bao buns have now added dumplings to their menu! I'm talking about Bao, located in Kuwait City and you know I immediately went to try said dumplings! There are four dumpling dishes on their menu and yes we tried them all. 
Pan-fried shitake mushroom and vegetable dumplings at Bao, Kuwait City
First up, there are Pan-Fried Shiitake Mushroom (KD 2.5) and Pan-Fried Veg (KD 2.25) Dumplings. All the dumplings are served with four different dipping sauces, Korean, hot garlic, homemade chili and peanut. The peanut is great if you like your food mild, however, my personal motto is, the spicier the better. I challenge you to make me sweat! The pan fried dumplings had a nice char on them and yes, I dunked them very generously into those dipping sauces. I'm partial to the Korean, but the hot garlic and homemade chili were also fantastic. 
Steamed Shitake and Vegetable dumplings at Bao, Kuwait City
Bao also do Steamed Mushroom (KD 2.5) and Vegetable (KD 2.25) Dumplings in a light broth. The broth is subtle and complements the dumplings beautifully. I'll be asking for a spoon next time so that I can slurp up that broth. I liked the array of veggies that were packed into the dumplings and the folding is just beautiful. Great flavour! And yes, these were also enjoyed with a heaping of those dipping sauces. 

I hope Bao adds on some non-vegetarian dumpling options too. I wouldn't mind a good chicken or beef version! 
Tenderlon Steak Cubes, Bao, Kuwait City
While you're at Bao, try their Tenderloin Steak Cubes (KD 3.5). These are little morsels of oh-so-tender beef served on a bed of crispy potato sticks. A gorgeous Asian style gravy is then poured on top which really makes this dish stand out. Guaranteed to make you start finger licking! 

Donut Baos at Bao, Kuwait City

And finally, their Donut Baos (KD 2.2 each) are one of the best inventions since the wheel. These fried cinnamon baos are topped with vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce and a pretzel. That hot and cold combination is just wonderful and combined with sticky sweet caramel and a pretzel for crunch, well, that's a winner right there! I've said it before and I'll say it again, no visit to bao is complete without an order of these delicious donut baos. You will need one per person because after one taste of this, you won't want to share!

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