B+F Burger Boutique is now open at The Gate Mall

B+F Burger Boutique have a brand new location at the Gate Mall and I’m here to hook you up with my must order list!

Bacon Swiss Burger, B+F Burger Boutique

First up is my favourite burger, the Bacon Swiss (KD 3.2) . It is juicy, meaty and has just the right number of fresh components to give you that ultimate burger experience. 

Mushroom Poppers, B+F Burger Boutique

And  my favourite appetizer? The Mushroom Poppers (KD 3). They’re little packets of flavour that explode in your mouth. I’ll definitely be ordering these every time I’m at Burger Boutique

Crispy Duck Salad, B+F Burger Boutique

We also tried the Crispy Duck Salad (KD 4.5) which was a nice fresh number. I would love to have more duck in the salad though. (If the name is in the title of the dish, I expect more than garnish level amounts)
Up in Smoke Burger, B+F Burger Boutique

We also tried two more burgers. We had overlooked the Up in Smoke (KD 3.2) as it looked like a sandwich, but our server insisted that we try it and it was so worth it! It is everything that should be in a burger and nothing else. A no fuss burger on beautiful Texas toast. Delicious! And then, if you love your heat (ME!), the Bangkok (KD 3.5) . Oh boy, this spicy number is worth the tears. I would reorder both of these. 

Bangkok Burger, B+F Burger Boutique

Salted Caramel Brownie, B+F Burger Boutique

Finally, to satisfy those sweet cravings, we then indulged on the Salted Caramel Brownie (KD 3.5) and French Vanilla Bean Soft Serves (KD 2.75). The salted caramel sauce was too sweet and there was too much of it. I would've preferred if it had been just a light drizzle over the dessert, but that's just me. Loved the brownie and that French vanilla ice cream was just beautiful! 

French Vanilla Bean Soft Serves, B+F Burger Boutique

Overall experience? Apart from wanting more duck in my salad and the very sweet dessert, we had a fantastic meal. The interiors were lovely, a menu with great choices and exceptional service. 8/10.

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