Car Dine-In, A New Normal

With the dine-in restrictions now in place in Kuwait, apart from takeaway and delivery, a lot of places have now started car dine-in. Though a handful of restaurants did offer car dine-in last year, ( was my first experience), they were few and far between. 

Habra, Kuwait
Car Dine-In at Folio, Kuwait
Car Dine-In at Stickhouse, Kuwait

Anyway, with the high number of COVID cases and dine-in being closed again, I can see more and more restaurants riding the car dine-in wave. Eating in the confines of your car might not sound very appealing, especially when it comes to a three course meal, but it isn't as fussy as you think. Most restaurants will give you a tray or even a makeshift table to eat off of. Servers will still come to you, just like in a regular dine-in experience, to serve you each course as well as to collect empty plates, etc. It's a whole new dining experience! 

Here's a list of all the places I'm aware of that offer car dine-in. Let me know if there are more that should be on this list.  















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