Kuwait Eats: B+F Open Flame Kitchen

B+F Open Flame Kitchen, 360 Mall, Kuwait

Open Flame Kitchen has been on my radar for a while, but being in the 360 mall which I almost never visit, a visit to the restaurant just never happened.  That is until two of my friends went recently and that was it, this just couldn't be put off any longer and OFK became the venue of our next girls' lunch out.  

B+F Open Flame Kitchen, 360 Mall, Kuwait

Can we just take a few seconds to admire the entrance?  I am in love with those copper vases.  OFK only opens at 1 pm so our plans for an early lunch were thwarted and we had to spend an hour or so aimlessly wandering the empty halls of the mall.  Thank goodness for M&S!  

B+F Open Flame Kitchen, 360 Mall, Kuwait

The menu is actually pretty easy to choose from and though there are plenty of options, its not overwhelmingly difficult.  I would've loved photos though, it is difficult to order when you can't visualize the dish.  This is where their instagram account @ofk360 came handy!  

Welcome drink - B+F Open Flame Kitchen, 360 Mall, Kuwait

We were given a welcome drink and bread sticks to start off with, which is a nice touch.  I was actually hoping they'd refill the drink, it was simple, but quite good and I was parched from all the yapping I'd been doing with my friends whilst waiting for the restaurant to open.  I also ordered the Burnt Wood (KD 2.000) which is fruity but not overly sweet.  

Burnt Wood Drink - B+F Open Flame Kitchen, 360 Mall, Kuwait

For starters we ordered the Luigi Fries (KD 3.500).  Now normally I never order fries in a casual dining setting.  Its more of a junk food thing.  But this came recommended and so we ordered it.  And oh gosh, these took fries to a whole new level!  You're all familiar with the loaded fries that come with bacon bits, generous cheese and what not, but they're so oily and fatty and you most always hate yourself at the end.  Well, these are gorgeous and light.  They came with cheese of course, and mushroom!  It was like eating a creamy mushroom soup, but with fries.  I know, I just made that sound a lot less appetizing, but seriously, dish of the day!  

Luigi Fries - B+F Open Flame Kitchen, 360 Mall, Kuwait

Next up was the Shrimp Inferno (KD 4.500).  If you're familiar with Indian chaat and love bhel puri, this is the dish for you because this tastes like a modern version of it mixed in with jalapenos and shrimp.  It is one of their more popular dishes as I saw several tables order it, but me personally?  I'd skip it, finding the shrimp was a bit of a scavenger hunt too.  

Shrimp Inferno - B+F Open Flame Kitchen, 360 Mall, Kuwait

Coca Cola Braised Short Ribs - B+F Open Flame Kitchen, 360 Mall, Kuwait

Next up we ordered the Coca Cola Braised Short Ribs pictured above and the Black Pepper Tenderloin Lollipops below.  Both were priced at KD 5.000 and we loved both dishes.  The braised ribs had been slow roasted and was oh so tender.  It was served with the same (or so I think) crispy veges from the shrimp inferno dish, but at least here it was a garnishing as it should be and not the main component of the dish.  Being braised in Coca Cola, I expected it to be very sweet, but it was just right.  A lovely dish.  

The black pepper tenderloin lollipops were also great.  I'm a meat girl so you can understand why I loved both these dishes, simple and served with a lovely sauce on the side.  Yum!  

Black Pepper Tenderloin Lollipops - B+F Open Flame Kitchen, 360 Mall, Kuwait

We also ordered a Chicken & Mushroom Rigatoni (KD 5.000).  Tasted great, beautiful smooth sauce, lovely mushroom flavour, a great choice for kids, but there just wasn't very much of it.  There was literally just 6 pieces of rigatoni pasta in the dish.  Now, for a main dish, unless you eat like a bird, that is appalling!  I'd order it again, but they should definitely beef up their portion size.  

Chicken and Mushroom Rigatoni - B+F Open Flame Kitchen, 360 Mall, Kuwait

We were told by our server that we couldn't leave without trying their burgers and so we settled on two different types of sliders instead and chose the Wagyu Sliders (KD 4.000) and the Dangerous Sliders with the infamous red buns (KD 2.500).  Both were great, but not stand out dishes that are must orders.  I should definitely try their full sized burgers next time, but if I had to choose between the two sliders, I'd go with the wagyu.  

Wagyu Sliders and Dangerous Sliders - B+F Open Flame Kitchen, 360 Mall, Kuwait

Now onto the good stuff, dessert!  We ordered the Sticky Date Pudding (KD 4.000).  Now I have a major sweet tooth and can demolish just about anything in record speed, but this was a little too sweet for me.  The ice cream, another sweet element, did help because of how cold it was, but a sweet sticky date pudding with a sweet sauce on top combined with another sweet ice cream?  Talk about sugar overload.  

Sticky Date Pudding - B+F Open Flame Kitchen, 360 Mall, Kuwait

Now, if you want a winning dish, it has to be the Choco Berry Volcano (KD 4.500).  It is basically a hot chocolate cake with a rich molten chocolate and berry sauce.  The tartness of the berry sauce balanced out the sweetness of the chocolate cake.  There was also this lovely flavoured shaved ice (it could have been a type of sorbet, I have no idea) served around the edges of the plate.  The dish looked like a masterpiece, definitely an Instagrammable dish and tasted even better, a refreshing chocolately dish.  I'd reorder in a heartbeat.  

Choco Berry Volcano - B+F Open Flame Kitchen, 360 Mall, Kuwait

So verdict?  After waiting that long to try out the restaurant, we didn't leave with the food high that we'd expected.  If I had to do it all over again, I'd skip the shrimp volcano, the sliders and the sticky date pudding and probably try a few other dishes instead.  But oh my, those fries were heavenly and will be on my mind for a while!

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