Women's Self Defense Training Course

Just had my first self defense class yesterday and though I was a little apprehensive and quite self conscious to begin with, the class was a lot of fun!  Learned to let go of all my inhibitions and got into the spirit of things, yelling, punching, kicking, etc.  There are about 35 women and young girls in my batch and they're all so lovely, fun and ready to laugh at themselves.

It is a free certificate course and the classes are held at the Kaifan Sports Club.  The program does not teach you to be aggressive, but to defend yourself and make a few targeted hits if needed, giving you time to run to safety.  It always pays to be prepared!

There are different batches (click on the above image to enlarge it) till December 14 so sign up for one!  To do so, send a Whatsapp message with your name, phone number, email address and your preferred batch name to +965 9771 0629.  

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