Wild Coffee Bar

Wild Coffee Bar, Salmiya, Kuwait

When I heard about the WILD Coffee Bar (@wild.kwt) hosting art pieces, I was intrigued and decided to check it out.  Now, I'd never been to the WILD cafe before and had no clue that such a place existed just mere minutes from me, tucked away in a corner of Salmiya.  A hidden gem, if you might.

The artwork displayed is by Artist Mariska Nell (@designbymariska) and she's actually also featured in this month's Bazaar Magazine (From Trash to Treasure).  If you look closely, you'll see that the artwork is made from recycled material (coffee pods, drink cans, etc).  I love that! 

Artwork by Artist Mariska Nell - Wild Coffee Bar, Salmiya, Kuwait

The barista who served us was bubbly and a delight and after placing our orders, we took a seat indoors to wait.  I'd ordered the Spanish latte, delicious, while the better half had a gingerbread latte which had a beautiful mix of spices, perfect for Christmas!  Also, ask to try some of the WILD’s popular items - the Açaí Bowl, V60 slow brew coffee, the muffins and cookies and of course the Spanish latte.

Spanish Latte and Gingerbread Latte - Wild Coffee Bar, Salmiya, Kuwait

The cafe has a lot of off-the-wall touches such as a handwritten menu on a large roll of brown paper, a mix of different knick-knacks like a surfboard and my favourite, a camel crossing sign!  Beautiful lights both inside and strung outside as well, just added to the cosiness of the place - definite hygge vibes!

Wild Coffee Bar, Salmiya, Kuwait

I believe the artwork is only on display till tonight, but if you do miss the art display, check out Mariska’s work on her Instagram on @designbymariska.  Mariska makes custom pieces for clients who would like to use some of their recycled items to create art that showcases their family memories.  Either way, do pass by the cafe if you're in or around Salmiya.  The WILD Coffee Bar is a cool and quirky hangout spot that should be on your list. 

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