The Body Shop Wonderblur Face Primer

The Body Shop Wonderblur Face Primer

Without sounding like a parrot, you know just how much I love and rave about products from The Body Shop.  Though, lately I've been finding their products to be a little hit or miss like the Vitamin C Skin Boost (review!) I'd bought in the hopes that it would be my go to primer.  Sadly, its texture was just too slippery and it did nothing to help my makeup stay on all day.  Thankfully, there was a BOGO offer on that day and on a whim I decided to pick up the Wonderblur as well.  Two primers for the price of one?  Why not!

I have to admit, on first squeezing the product out, I was a little taken aback by the texture.  It looked stiff, thick and dry and I thought I'd bought another lemon.  However, once I started rubbing the product into my skin, I was pretty much smitten!  

Swatch of The Body Shop Wonderblur Face Primer

On warming up the product, the primer turns silky smooth and blends easily. The formula is extremely light weight and literally undetectable.  I'm left with a gorgeous matte finish and I feel that it keeps my skin shine free a lot longer compared to when I'm sans primer.  It also leaves me with a smooth canvas perfect for makeup, however being clear, don't expect any colour correcting properties from this.  Though not dramatic, my skin has a slight "blurred" look and my fine lines and pores look far less noticeable.  Win!  

Swatch of The Body Shop Wonderblur Face Primer

The Wonderblur is nothing short of wonderful (see what I did there?) and should be a staple in your makeup bag.  


  1. I notice the difference! I love Body Shop products, they're really great for sensitive skin types & even have soothing effect! Thanks for sharing this xx

    Kaylee 🌛ㅣJK's Dawn

    1. Thanks! Yup, there's a slight difference, but it is a difference all the same. A great cheap and cheerful primer!


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