Assaha Lebanese Restaurant

Assaha Lebanese Restaurant, Kuwait

Over the weekend we were hunting for a good Arabic joint that we hadn't tried out before and Assaha, a Lebanese restaurant in Bneid Al Qar popped up after a quick google search.  Reading that it was also Mark from 248am's favourite Lebanese restaurant was affirmation enough and we headed off at full speed.  

The interiors of the Assaha Lebanese Restaurant, Kuwait

The interiors of the Assaha Lebanese Restaurant, Kuwait

Aren't the interiors gorgeous?  I love traditional Arabic architecture and the attention to detail with the stone walls and tiled floors along with the old photos, pots and pans and various paraphernalia from yesteryear was just beautiful.  We sat in the non-smoking section which is the courtyard (?) overlooking the Gulf Road (photos below).  

The interiors of the Assaha Lebanese Restaurant, Kuwait

The interiors of the Assaha Lebanese Restaurant, Kuwait

The menu sadly just had a few generic photos in it so if you're not familiar with Arabic food, choosing dishes can be a challenge.  I love having pictures so that I can visualize exactly what I'm ordering.  

Hummus with Muhammara from Assaha, Kuwait

We went with the Hummus with Muhammara (above), pretty standard, the Assaha Mixed Grill (the dish on the left in the below photo) and of course my favourite Arabic dish, the Kishkash Kebab (right).  If I spot Kishkash on the menu, I'm ordering it!

I've always stated that Naz do the best Kishkash, but this was really good and a strong contender for that top spot.  The tomato sauce that the kebabs were embedded in had some heat which was a really nice addition.  Really juicy and tender kebabs too!  The Mixed Grill was good, but nothing special to write home about.

Assaha Mixed Grill and Khishkash Kebabs from Assaha, Kuwait

We also tried the Sujok.  I had no idea what it was and the waiter was just able to explain that it was a tomato dish and that it was very good.  Huh?  We ordered it anyway and found it to be spiced sausages in a garlicky tomato sauce.  The sausages were quite dry and crumbly, I believe they're meant to be like that, but the dish was just a let down.  I won't be ordering it again.  Oh, the photo below was taken after we sampled a considerable amount of the dish.  

Sujok from Assaha, Kuwait

After dinner, we ordered some mint tea and were also presented with a small dessert platter which we hadn't ordered and I assumed to be complimentary, but now when I think about how much we paid for our meal and the prices of each dish, it looks like we paid for the dessert.  The platter had a selection of various custards, puddings and jello and was actually a nice way to finish off our meal.  

Dessert platter with tea with various puddings, custards and jello from Assaha, Kuwait

You can find both their dine in and takeaway menus below and on comparing prices, there is actually a considerable difference between the prices in the two menus.  For example, the Assaha Mixed Grill was KD 4.950 however its just KD 3.1 takeaway.

Our meal for 2 adults and 2 small children came up to KD 16.25 which is not bad at all.  Overall, great food and beautiful interiors, but in all honesty, I think I might just prefer Mais Alghanim (review here).  Still, a great place to visit!

Dine In Menu

Takeaway Menu


  1. The place looks absolutely amazing!
    Great post!

    Vanessa x |

    1. Gorgeous right? I'm a sucker for olden Arabic or Indian interiors.

  2. Wow, the ambience of the place is stunning! I love hearing about ethnic cuisine and this place sounds amazing!!! I especially love the mint tea and deserts in Lebanese cuisine!

    xo, Yasmin

    1. Hey Yasmin. I love Lebanese food, or really, just any Arabic food in general to be honest. Haha, and yes, I'm a big dessert girl too.


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