Places you can legally BBQ in Kuwait

Since the campaign a couple of years ago to ban barbecuing in quite a lot of public spaces, I've always been confused about where you can legally BBQ.  Can't seem to find a list online and as usual, the ministry is only good for declaring obscure laws without giving the public any further information. 

Here's a list of places where I've personally barbecued or at least know about and I'll try to keep updating this whenever I come across a new place.  

1. Messila Beach 
There's an entrance fee to the Messila beach (I believe it is 1 KD during the weekend and public holidays), but the beach is clean and there are plenty of tables, chairs and loungers that you can use free of charge.  Ask one of the cleaning staff to help you and for a tip, they'll wipe down everything for you.  There are barbecue grills dotted along the beach, but you'll need to go early if you want to grab one in a good spot.  Or bring your own grill along and BBQ away.  Apparently Saturdays, Mondays and Wednesdays are ladies only days?  I've only gone on public holidays so can't verify this though.  (

2. Egaila Beach 
This is another spot where we usually go for a good BBQ.  Like the Messila beach, there's an entrance fee of 1 KD per person, but the beach is kept clean and is beautiful.  There are also plenty of chairs and tables you can use free of charge and again, for a tip, the staff will wipe them down for you.  We usually just bring our own grill with us and set up a BBQ station in a nice shaded spot.  (

3. Green Island
Went to the Green Island over the weekend and loved it!  Entrance is 1 KD per person and kids under 2 are free.  There's also a small train that will take you around the island for an extra 500 fills per person.  The views of the water and the skyline are gorgeous and the rolling green hills takes me back to my childhood days in NZ. (

4. Ahmadi Park
We've only barbecued here once or twice as it is a little out of the way for us.  There's a lot of open green space, but as you can't BBQ on the grass, if I remember correctly (its been a few good years since we'd last been), spots where you are allowed to BBQ are few and most families were setting up the grill on the pavements and walkways.  Not exactly ideal.  The main attraction is the mini zoo that's in the park which the kids are bound to enjoy. 

5. Riggae Park
This was my least favourite place to BBQ, but I still wanted to include it here.  You can't barbecue on the grass and there are only a handful of designated BBQ areas dotted throughout the park.  Throughout the day we could hear warning announcements made over the speakers (in Arabic only of course) about the fines levied if you're caught barbecuing in the wrong place, but there was no one actually making any rounds to ensure that this was done .  We found one of park built grills and had a great day out, but everyone else was blatantly ignoring the announcements and just barbecuing wherever they wanted.  Mind you this was when the law first came out so things might have changed now.

As always, be responsible and let the coals cool down before disposing off them and carry a couple of trash bags with you.  Leave only your footprints behind.  Happy barbecuing!

UPDATE (January 18, 2018):
6. Yasmin Farm in Wafra
Though you can't take along your own grill, for a 15 KD fee, you can rent one of the farm's grills and BBQ away.  There is a playground right next to the BBQ area and plenty of covered picnic tables.  Also, for a 3 KD fee per person, you can go see and pet the animals.  They have camels, cows, goats, rabbits, chickens and turkeys. 


  1. are you sure that we wont have to pay fine? is it sure legal. i'm really scared to do anything in kuwait...

    1. Hi! I completely get your apprehensions to do anything here, the laws are obscure and there aren't any clear cut rules sometimes. The above listed places are completely fine to BBQ in however. They have designated areas and some of the places like the Egaila and Messila beaches even have a limited number of grills installed in this area. The weather is perfect right now for BBQing. Enjoy!


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