Recycling in Kuwait

One of my pet peeves here in Kuwait is the lack of recycling or at least awareness about recycling.  There used to be a company called Metal & Recycling Company (MRC) that on request provided residential and commercial buildings with recycling boxes in which we could place all our recyclable material.  They would come once every 1-2 weeks and empty the boxes and all I needed to do was just place the box in front of my apartment door on the designated day.  This worked well and I loved the system until they closed down back in 2014 after just three years of being in operation. 

I spent the next few months trying in vain to find another company that would collect recyclables from my apartment.  It just wasn't profitable for them.  

I strongly believe that it should be the responsibility of the government or at least the local council to install a recycling program.  How difficult would it be to supply all residents with a plastic bin that would be collected just like the regular trash?  In the end, it is the landfills in Kuwait that are getting filled up with waste that could've easily been recycled. 

Anyway, just saw on Save Co's instagram page that they've installed a small drop off station for your empty cans and bottles.  It's something small, but hey, it's small changes like this that make a difference.  Good on you Save Co!  I hope other businesses follow suit. 

My workplace has also recently started recycling which is great news.  The boxes are from a company called Omniya.  On contacting the company however, I've been told that at present they haven't started collections in residential places, but will let me know once they do, which I'm hoping will be soon. 


  1. Even I tried MRC and they were quite good. It is a pity that the company closed down.Anyways, it's a good initiative by Saveco. Thanks for the info.

  2. Hello - any luck on finding out if there are any domestic recycling facilities in Kuwait ?

    1. Hey! Unfortunately no. I've just read about a few drop off points, but so far haven't come across any that will come home which is sad, it's a huge untapped resource! I'll update here if I do come across any companies.


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