Mac Coppertone

Nine times out of ten, whenever I reach for a blush, it'll be a peach shade and I have been crazy about Mac Peaches for as long as I can remember.  However, on a recent visit to Mac, the makeup artist introduced me to Coppertone and I was instantly converted.  I have absolutely no idea how this blush slipped through my radar!

Coppertone is a true matte and can be best described as a peachy brown.  The pigmentation is absolutely amazing which means that it'll be a while before you hit pan.  The wear time is also really good and I can still see the blush on me after an 8-9 hour day. 
Coppertone is perfect for adding a little colour and warmth to your face and will compliment any eye or lip look.  It looks amazing on tanned and olive skin tones (I'm an NC42 for reference), but with a light hand, I'm sure this will work for just about any skin tone.  It is also part of their permanent collection.  Yay!  Don't you just hate it when you find a winning product only to learn that it isn't permanent, or even worse, discontinued? 

For a drugstore version, I'd suggest Sienne 85 from Bourjois.  It swatches slightly darker, however on the cheeks, they both look quite similar.  Although, due to Kuwait's inflated pricing, there really isn't much of a difference in prices between the two.  Sienne retails for 4KD (2.5g), whereas Coppertone is 10KD (6g).  Coppertone also has a softer consistency and applies easier. 

If you're on the look out for that perfect every day wear blush, go and grab Coppertone.  Seriously, you won't be disappointed!

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