The Revenant & Al Forno's

Took the day off for a mini date with Mr. ATM (I need to rethink that name.  Ha!  For the record, he is not my ATM and I work hard for my moolah).

Anyway, went to see The Revenant.  (IMDB gives the movie an 8.3)  Am I the only one who struggles to say revenant?  I keep wanting to switch the v and n around.  It is a must see movie with beautiful cinematography and it's based on a true story too!  The film locations are breathtaking with calm streams, rushing waterfalls, snowy mountains, you get the picture.  Stellar performances from all the actors, especially DiCaprio.  Come on, give the man an Oscar already!  You know Tom Hardy did a great job too as you end up hating his character.  The eyebrow kid is also there, gotta love him and his brows. 

Though not a romantic date type of movie, gory killings and the grizzly bear attack will have you reaching for your date's hand.  Wink, wink.  I won't ruin the story for you with my little review.  Go catch it at the movies if you can. 

Had lunch at Al Forno's afterwards at their Arabella branch.  I absolutely love Arabella and I feel like I'm in Spain while walking through it.  The weather was amazing too and we just had to sit outside to relish it.

Al Forno is hands down my favourite Italian restaurant.  (The honour used to belong to Carluccio's, but they sadly closed down a few years ago).  I love the anchovies and olive dip that Al Forno serves along with the bread basket.  I didn't take a photo of it though as we were too famished and tucked into it straight away.  Mr. ATM ordered the Stinco Agnello (braised lamb shank) with rosemary potatoes.  This dish is to die for, enough said. 

I ordered the Scallope Limone (veal scallops with lemon) with mashed potatoes.  I  know, my plate looks like a hot mess, but this dish is delicious.  I love the tanginess of the lemon which really comes through with each bite. 

Our bill came up to 14.6 KD for 2 main courses and a soft drink.  Do try both dishes if you're in Al Forno next time. 

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