UNE Lipsticks

While going through my lipstick collection, I realized that most of the shades I own are various shades of red.  Brick reds, bright reds, maroons, if its a red, I'll have it.  There's even a dark vampy red in the mix!  Rather than show you my boring collection of reds, I thought I'd introduce you to my favourite lipstick brand, UNE

I'd never heard of UNE until a close friend of mine here in Kuwait introduced me to the brand and I've been hooked ever since.  Their tagline is natural beauty and the collection is filled with beautiful very wearable neutral tones.  Think "my lips but better" type of shades, however the shades I've been drawn to are the more deeper shades. 

The packaging on the back of my lipstick states that 100% of the total ingredients are from a natural origin and 21.82% of the total ingredients are sourced from organic farming.  Now, I know that for a lipstick to have a shelf life of a year, there has to be preservatives in it, however for a company to make those statements, it must be good! 

The lipsticks have a sheer but buildable finish that dries to a nice semi-matte, without a hint of any frost or sparkle, two things which I detest in lipsticks.  The staying power is fairly average, however these are the type of lipstick you can smear on without a mirror and still look polished. 

I recently found out that UNE has reformulated and renamed their lipsticks and so like any makeup hoarder, I went out and bought backups of my favourite shades.  I've yet to try out the new lipsticks, but I'm sure they'll be just as amazing.

UNE is available in boots and Vava Voom and the lipsticks retail at 5.5KD each. 

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