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Prime & Toast, Marina Walk, Salmiya

Went out for brunch today at Prime & Toast.  They are on the Entertainer app by the way, which if you don't have, what is wrong with you!?  I love their Salmiya location, it is right by the sea side, though I'm glad to see that they've covered up the outside seating area with glass.  I'd last visited Prime & Toast right after the NBK walkathon back in December and it was way too windy to sit outside.  Tables inside are also limited and so we had ended up waiting quite a bit for one.  Anyway, with the outdoor area nicely covered up, sitting outside was perfect.  Being able to look out and onto the water was just so pleasant and calming!

Shrimp Popcorn

For starters we ordered the Shrimp Popcorn (KD 3.950).  I'd ordered this once before and had loved this, but this time around it had spent a little too much time in the fryer.  The larger morsels of shrimp were fine, but anything a little smaller was over done with the breading too crisp for my liking.  The chili mayo sauce served along with the shrimp was delicious though and really made the dish - smooth, creamy and a great accompaniment for the shrimp.  

Fried Eggs on Rosti

We then ordered the Fried Eggs on Rosti (KD 2.450).  The rosti is a potato net/fritter/hash brown of sorts that forms the base of the dish.  Again, it was overdone and burnt in places.  Overdone shrimp, overdone potato fritter?  I'm sensing a bit of a pattern.  The combination, however, of the potato fritter, bacon bits, cheese, bell peppers and runny eggs really worked.  The makings of an excellent breakfast dish.  
Roast Beef Melt Sandwich (RBM)

I also had the RBM, i.e., the Roast Beef Melt Sandwich (KD 2.850) - a basic sliced bread sandwich with roast beef, cheddar cheese and mustard sauce.  Yes it was simple and I probably could've made it myself, but it was delicious.  I didn't care much for the slaw on the side but those fries were so satisfying and worth every calorie!

Good Morning Kuwait

As if the above food wasn't enough, we also tried the Good Morning Kuwait (KD 5.250).  It contained sliced up ribeye (yum) served on a rosti (again yum), topped with leaks, red cabbage and hollandaise sauce.  A very fresh dish tasting dish, loved it, but the vinaigrette through the vegetables was a little too sharp for my liking.  The creaminess of the egg on top was beautiful though and tied the whole dish together.

French Toast with Salted Caramel

And finally, two orders of French toast.  Obsessive much?  We ordered the French Toast with Salted Caramel (KD 2.650) pictured above and the Brioche French Toast with Maple Butter Syrup (KD 2.650) below.  Loved both, but if I had to choose between the two, the brioche is the clear winner.  Though the salted caramel was lovely, the thick syrup was sickly sweet towards the end, bordering on almost being cloying.  The bioche however was just beautiful and really hit the spot - fluffy bread with a light maple butter syrup.

Brioche French Toast with Maple Butter Syrup

Though there are a handful of mains on their menu, their brunch dishes are what everyone goes to Prime & Toast for.  A great place for a quick catch up with friends amidst delicious affordable food. 

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