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Pistachio Nut Butter - 125a Bazaar Road

I struggle with making healthy food choices and I'm sure we all do.  After all, isn't a store-bought box of deliciously gooey chocolate chip cookies more appealing than the daunting task of trying to whip up something yourself?  And what exactly is in the bought box?  Artificial colours, flavours, additives and preservatives!?  

But, when you're presented with homemade, scrumptiously delicious yet guilt free options, the decision to eat better is an easy one.  And that is exactly what 125-A Bazaar Road offers: a delectable array of brownies, cookies and nut butters among lots more, that contains no nasties, but also satisfies each one of your urges.  

A bit of a background story.  The name 125-A Bazaar Road pays homage to the owner's grandmother, who used to live at 125-A Bazaar Road.  I'm sure many a happy memory was shared there and though the home is no longer lived in, the place is still a meet up point amongst cousins.  Don't you just love that!?  I love brands with a good story! 

Pistachio Nut Butter - 125a Bazaar Road

Anyway, back to the food, I got the amazing chance of sampling a few of their products and instantly fell in love, I'm not kidding!  My favourite by far was the Pistachio Nut Butter and I just have to start with it first.  The butter contains pistachios (of course), honey, coconut oil and white chocolate.  The combination is absolutely delicious and is basically dessert in a bottle.  Spread on bread, this just just heavenly!

Honey Roasted Peanut Butter - 125a Bazaar Road

My goody bag also contained a jar of the Honey Roasted Peanut Butter.  Now, I love my peanut butter so I knew I'd get along with this.  This homemade concoction contains just three ingredients: peanuts, honey and coconut oil and though a little runnier than store-bought options, this is by far the purest and healthiest peanut butter I've had.  Now this is the real stuff!  

Honey Roasted Peanut Butter - 125a Bazaar Road

walnut fudge, granola bites and double chocolate cookies

I was also treated to a box containing walnut fudge, granola bites and double chocolate cookies along with a pot of the Premium Mix Granola.  I should add that everything is naturally sweetened and vegan options with maple syrup are also available.  The husband called dibs on the fudge, while I pretty much polished off the rest in a few days, it was that good!

Premium Mix Granola

125-A Bazaar Road has a variety of items that look great and taste even better.  Ordering is a breeze as you just need to send a message via Whatsapp at +965 69670143.  Also do follow them on Instagram @125a.bazaar.road for more mouthwatering photos.  

I love supporting small businesses and I wish 125-A Bazaar Road the very best!

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