Pac-Man on Google Maps?

Pac-Man on Google Maps

Just noticed yesterday that there's a pink Pac Man button in my google maps app.  Now Pac-Man is ONLY my most favourite retro game and my dad used to bring home various versions of it on the ol' floppy disk (we're talking about the big 5 1/4 " disks here, yes, I'm ancient).  

Pac-Man on Google Maps

It's supposed to be an April Fool's release, so I guess I'm a few days late to the party.  A little more challenging compared to the regular version as you never know where you'll end up if you go off the map, but still fun all the same.  Have a go!  

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  1. You should visit future kids in Salmiya City Center. they have a Huge Pac man game. It says World largest PAC MAN. It was so much fun playing.


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