Ayam Zamam

Ayam Zamam at the Holiday Inn, Salmiya, Kuwait

In the mood for some Lebanese food, a quick browse found us on our way to Ayam Zamam at the Holiday Inn for a girls' lunch out.  Gotta love technology and all the gastronomical discoveries we make using it!   

We went on a weekday and the place was deserted except for just one table.  Despite the almost empty restaurant, service was unbelievably slow and we had to seat ourselves (Yes, I know, me and my 1st world problems).  

A waiter came scampering by quite some time later and took down our order.  It was clear that he didn't really know much about the dishes.  He also hadn't tried most of the dishes at the restaurant, which I find weird.  A waiter should be well versed in all the dishes and should have tried each one for himself so that he can explain each dish and make recommendations.  

Anyway, we ordered based on the descriptions in the menu and did a bloody good job, if I do say so myself.  

First up they served a complimentary bread basket, a few small things to nibble on and a bowl of veges which served no functionality at all.  Were we expected to cut them up and tuck in?  I have no idea!  Ha!  The kubboos was served hot and I guess it was made on site.  They were soft, but had a distinctive yeasty taste to them.  

Bread Basket at Ayam Zamam, Kuwait

Nibbles and Garnishes at Ayam Zamam, Kuwait

For appetizers, we ordered the hummus with meat (KD 1.750) and the fried (breaded) shrimp (KD 5.950).  I've got to tell you, though simple, both were standouts and we looked forward to our mains.  

Hummus with Meat at Ayam Zamam, Kuwait
Hummus with Meat
Breaded and Fried Shrimp at Ayam Zamam, Kuwait
Fried Shrimp
For mains, we ordered the lamb chops (KD 4.250), the Ayam Zamam mixed grill (KD 6.750) and the kabab platter (KD 6.750).  Now I love my meat and all three dishes didn't disappoint.  Lamb chops are so easy to overcook, but the chef did them justice and they were tender and far from dry.  Loved the mixed grill too and all the different kebabs in the kebab platter.  My favourite being the kebab karaz, which had this gorgeous cherry glaze on top.  It was different to anything I've eaten before and absolutely divine!  

Lamb Chops at Ayam Zamam, Kuwait
Lamb Chops
Ayam Zamam Mixed Grill at Ayam Zamam, Kuwait
Ayam Zamam Mixed Grill
Kebab Platter at Ayam Zamam, Kuwait
Kebab Platter
Dessert, again, our poor waiter hadn't tried most of the dishes and so we decided to take a gamble and go with the osmaliya cheese cake (KD 1.750) to split.  Its not something I normally would've chosen, but oh boy it was heavenly, with the the crispy toasted osmaliya beautifully complimenting the creamy cheese layer sandwiched in the middle.  The dessert was morish and we almost ordered another.  

Osmaliya Cheese Cake at Ayam Zamam, Kuwait
Osmaliya Cheese Cake
We really enjoyed our lunch and raved about how great each dish was.  But I'm going to be a bitch here and say that though this is probably not apparent from the photos, the small portion size of some of the dishes was a little surprising.  And the price of a coke - 1.5 KD for a can!?  Seriously?  That's daylight robbery.  We also couldn't change one of the cokes we'd ordered into another drink (it hadn't even been opened and poured yet) as our order apparently had already been entered and locked into the system.  That's ridiculous!

Our total bill for 4 came up to KD 31.55.  Normally there's always one dish that I regret, but every single dish we tried at Ayam Zamam was absolutely wonderful.  For small portions, disproportionate prices and below par service, but.. seriously exceptional food, I recommend Ayam Zamam.  


  1. Hey Mimi,

    Where did you like it better? Assaha or this one?

    1. Hey Sonia. How are you doing?

      Between the two, I would have to say Ayam Zamam. End of the day, regardless of the service, cost, etc, if you've been served good food, you'll have a great time. Assaha was good, but nothing really stood out. Ayam Zamam on the other hand had stellar dishes and we really enjoyed ourselves.

      Let me know if you try them.

  2. Hello, Have to travel soon to Kuwait, great tips thanks you. Keep writting

    1. Hey! Welcome to Kuwait! The food scene is pretty amazing here, you'll love it!


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