Taste of South America at Starbucks

Just a heads up, if you have a Starbucks card, go to your nearest Starbucks store to collect your free bag of whole bean coffee.  They'll grind the beans for you and if you don't have a coffee maker, just ask for the beans to be finely ground.  The coffee grounds will settle into the bottom of your mug quite quickly, which is what I do while at work.  There are also a myriad different ways to re-use the coffee grounds in your beauty routine from de-puffing eyes and exfoliants to supposedly busting cellulite.  Win-Win!  

You have a choice between the Perú or Columbia Nariño.  For some reason, I got two separate reward codes in my Starbucks app and was able to pick up both.  Yay me.  

Though I'm not much of a coffee drinker, there's something about the aroma of freshly ground coffee, so therapeutic!  Tried both and the Peru coffee is amazing.  The Columbia one is almost as good and reminds me of the Indian coffee my great-grandparents used to grow back home, strong!  

If you don't have a starbucks card, a necessity for frappuccino addicts like me, you can easily get one in store.  Make sure to download the app on your mobile (both iOS and Android) and register the card to get access to lots of discounts and offers periodically!  The offer is valid till the 29th of May so hop to it.  


  1. I love coffee, I would like to try these :)


    1. Yup, you should! Definitely tastes a lot different to the instant stuff I've been drinking all this time! :-)


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