Review: Asha's, Kuwait

I guess its the large number of Indian expats, but there are lots of different options when it comes to good Indian food in Kuwait.  From hole in the wall places selling chaat and samosas to more fine dining options with its Michelin starred chefs (supposedly and yes, I know the Michelin star is awarded to the restaurant and not the chef, but you know what I mean).

Asha's is definitely one of my favourite Indian restaurants and probably the one that I've gone back to dine at the most.  In fact, I think we're on a first name basis with a lot of the servers and my regular order is quite famous!  Though not quite authentic Indian, then again, with 36 states including union territories in India, each with its own food, culture, language, etc, I don't think you can necessarily classify something as not being Indian!  Also, if you can handle and enjoy spicy food, I recommend you order everything "spicy" as I find the spice level a little toned down to suit the local taste.

Live like a Maharaja menu at Asha's, The Avenues, Kuwait

Asha's periodically bring out special menus and during lunch over the weekend, they had a special Live like a Maharaja menu with items fit for a king.  Though I love to try out different dishes, I have my firm set of favourites that I tend to order each time with very little variation.  

We visited the branch in The Avenues Mall and I can't go by without first mentioning the interiors.  I believe it was done up last October and it is absolutely gorgeous with lots of purple and antique gold, the restaurant has a plush royal look without being tacky.  The sofas are a bit too low for me though and so I happily settled myself into one of the regular dining chairs.  

The interiors at Asha's, The Avenues, Kuwait

When dining at Asha's, you're first served first served roasted pappad with pickled vegetables, a mint chutney and pickled papaya.  This is more of a palette cleanser, however I have been known to single-handedly polish off most of that basket.  

Condiments at Asha's, The Avenues, Kuwait

For drinks, I most always order the Truly Berry (1.800 KD), a fresh and sweet drink containing muddled strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and mint leaves in a sweet lemonade based cordial.  It is delicious, refreshing and I'm betting on it being one of their best-sellers.  You also get a small pitcher of the cordial to top up your drink which is great.  

Truly Berry at Asha's, The Avenues, Kuwait

To be honest, I've never been all that impressed with their list of appetizers and usually order one of the kebab (cooked in a traditional Indian clay oven!) platters as a starter instead.  If this is your first time to Asha's, I'd recommend ordering the Specialty Platter (KD 6.850) which contains three of their best-selling kebabs, however my favourite is the Gosht Seekh Kebab (KD 5.950) and I prefer to just have a plate of that all by itself.  Three mouthwatering spiced succulent mutton kebabs, need I say more?  I love this!  
Gosht Seekh Kebab at Asha's, The Avenues, Kuwait

I am very much a rice person and after trying a few of the biryanis, have settled on their Subz Biryani (KD 3.950) as my favourite.  We pretty much order this every time, which when I think about it, is quite strange seeing as its a vegetarian dish!  The combination of spices along with the saffron leads to a beautifully fragranced and delicious dish that I just can't get enough of.  Your tastebuds will be singing in delight, literally!

Subz Biryani at Asha's, The Avenues, Kuwait

To go with the biryani, I normally order Gosht Vindaloo (KD 5.950) which is Asha's version of the classic Goan curry.  It has both heat and sourness and is amazing with rice.  Our waiter however encouraged us to try something from the special Maharaja menu and recommended the Nalli Nihari (KD 6.950), which is a slow cooked lamb shank served with a naan.  

The dish was a pretty sight as it landed on our table.  Taste wise though, I didn't enjoy it as much and regretted having not ordered my regular vindaloo.  Why?  Though it contained a nice blend of spices, the curry was quite one dimensional and there were no contrasting flavours.  I also struggled to get the meat of the bone and had to hack at it with my knife and fork.  So much for that falling off the bone, melt in your mouth experience we were promised.  The naan was also a fail, being dry and heavy.  A dish to miss next time.  

Nalli Nihari at Asha's, The Avenues, Kuwait

By this time, we were stuffed, but we still managed to find room for dessert and went for yet another favourite, the Rasmmalai (KD 1.950).  Its a classic Indian dessert made out of soft cottage cheese balls soaked in a thick sweetened milk sauce and is the perfect way to end any Indian meal

Dessert Menu at Asha's, The Avenues, Kuwait

Dessert Menu at Asha's, The Avenues, Kuwait

Rasmalai at Asha's, The Avenues, Kuwait

Condiments at Asha's, The Avenues, Kuwait

An hour or so later, we finally stumbled out happy and content.  Our bill for two came up to KD 21.550.  I know people have often commented about Asha's being on the pricier side, but its a great place for amazing contemporary Indian cuisine.  Try it, you won't be disappointed.  


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    Asha's is definitely one of best Indian restaurant in Kuwait for Indian People lived in Kuwait. Go and try the the taste of Indian.

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