Review: Raising Cane's

Raising Cane's has been open in the Avenues for almost 4 months now.  It's hard to miss and is bang opposite the Cheesecake Factory.  Talk about prime real estate!

They basically have just the chicken burger or chicken fingers on their menu, which certainly makes ordering an easy task.  The restaurant has quite a large dedicated seating area and they even have a few booths.
Now here's the thing though.  When I think booths, I picture families which of course means strollers weighted down by various baby paraphernalia and other bits and bobs.  However, for some reason, the restaurant has chosen to install a step instead of a ramp leading up to where the booths are.  What!?  Luckily there was a friendly staff nearby who helped me carry the stroller up.  That seriously needs some rethinking.

After ordering, we were given a buzzer and settled down in one of the booths to wait.  We'd ordered two burgers and the chicken strip kids' meal.  The toy along with the kids' meal was just a sheet of stickers which was a bit disappointing.  Portion sizes are quite big and I struggled to finish my burger.  I felt the burger was a little on the dry side though and the chicken inside lacked flavour.  The chicken strips dipped generously in the special sauce was however quite delicious.  I'd suggest staying away from the burgers and going with the chicken strips, or better yet, take the few extra steps and go to KFC instead. 


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  2. I wanted to try this place since it opened. I will stick to the chicken strips only after

  3. Haha, yup! Stick to the chicken strips. I like KFC better though, taste wise and easier on the pocket too. Let me know if you like it. :-)


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