Forever 52?

Went to the Gate Mall for some sale shopping and spotted this makeup counter on the ground floor in front of Zara. 

Isn't that just the strangest name for a makeup brand?  I know that age is just a number and that you can look and feel beautiful at any age, but I definitely would not buy from a brand that suggested I could look 52 forever. 

Just for fun, I googled the brand and it turns out that it was created by a Parisian chemist.  The website has Germany written under its brand name, however looking at the various store locations, the website only lists places in the Middle East.  Strange. 

Just behind this counter is a small pop-up sort of store that sells fake designer handbags.  I didn't take a photo in case I got into trouble, but I'm shocked that a large mall like the Gate Mall would allow anything less than authentic to be sold inside it.  Kuwait is full of stores selling fake bags, watches, shoes, etc. and there is quite a big market for it, however you normally only find these stores in older shopping centers and souks. 

Popped into Debenhams after that and saw this dress.  Does it remind you of "The Dress" that went viral last year?  They're even selling both colour options too, well minus the gold lace that is.  And yes, for the record, I saw "The Dress" as white and gold. 

Debenhams, please make a petite version of the cream dress.  I love it! 

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