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I'm sure we've all seen vans and minibuses with the City Van logo emblazoned on the side driving around Kuwait.  I just assumed they were transporting staff and never really thought that they were for the public.  But a call from the lovely Marketing Manager over at City Van set me straight.  Did you know that City Van offers some pretty amazing services to the public?  Neither did I, hence this post.

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They have 3 very convenient and competitively priced services to choose from.  The laws here in Kuwait are constantly changing regarding just which expats are privileged enough to drive (let me not get started on the latest ruling regarding engineers, sigh).  Unfortunately in Kuwait, being allowed to drive doesn't depend solely on capability, but rather what you decided to major in University, your job position, your salary and of course, how much vasta you have in many cases.  I'm not exaggerating when I say that services like what City Van has to offer are a Godsend.  So, what exactly are these services?   

Scheduled Rides: these are your point A to B rides.  Just enter from, to, date, time and the number of passengers and you're good to go.  Convenient, no standing stranded on the road in the 50 plus degree weather and no haggling with rude drivers.  I've lost count of the number of times I've stood on the road praying a taxi would drive past.  And just how many girls' day or night outs have gone awry because of transportation issues?  These rides are affordable too.  A scheduled ride with City Van from Salmiya to the Airport is under 6KD for example.  

Pool Rides: use these rides to get to work on time.  They're booked on a monthly basis, both one and two ways.  Could it get any more convenient?  Definitely the most easiest and stress free way to get to work.  No more negotiating traffic, just sit back and relax or catch up on some Zzzzzzs.  

Rentals: special day planned ahead for the entire family?  Or maybe you're entertaining visiting business associates?  You can rent a van for as little as an hour or even up to a few days (though these are processed as special requests).  You will also be provided with a driver who will take you anywhere your heart desires.  Not bad right?  

And if you weren't already impressed, City Van can accommodate any group size!  You also have the option of booking their premium rides which I got the chance to experience for myself over the Eid holidays.  We had the use of one of their Hyundai H1 vans, complete with our very own driver for the day.  Now, don't get me wrong, I love driving!  But it was just so relaxing to tell someone else where to go and to just chill and enjoy the ride for once.

The Gang - inside City Van's Kuwait Premium Rental Service

My friends and I planned a small girls' day out and set our starting location as Fahaheel.  Our driver, Mr. Gokula picked up my friend right on time and then from there, Mr Gokula and our City Van premium ride made its way from house to house picking the entire gang up.  The seats could be swiveled around so that we were all facing each other, which just added to our excitement.  The van was very comfortable, the air conditioning just perfect and we spent our ride belting out tunes. probably a little off key too.  To be honest, we could have spent our entire day in that van and come out feeling on top of the world!

Jet Skiing in Kuwait

Our first stop were the Kuwait beaches where we jet skied!  I'd never been before, but it was an exhilarating experience just being out on the water.  The wind in my hair, going neck-breaking speeds with nothing but the ocean in front of me!  We caught the sunset and then moved onto the next stop in our itinerary.  

The Kuwait Skyline at Sunset

Every step of the way, our driver was just a phone call away.  He was always ready and waiting to take us to each stop.  He was courteous, friendly and we were very comfortable with him.  A very safe driver too, not once did he exceed the speed limit! 

Our day finally ended with dinner and of course sheesha.  It was an amazing day, made even more special by our City Van premium ride.  

Having experienced the service for myself, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend City Van over and over again.  Download the app and have a browse through the features using the following link: City Van App.  I'll have a coupon code for you all shortly that you can use while trying out the City Van services for yourself.  So keep checking back in for that.  If you've used the service, let me know your experience below.  

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While we're on the topic of social media, are you following me on Instagram?  I'm almost at 10K followers!  @according_to_mimi.  If you've used City Van before, let me know your experience below.  

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