The Ultimate Not-So-Good-For-You Baked Potato

The ultimate baked potato available at Mahameed, Salmiya, Kuwait

No shopping trip to Old Salmiya (i.e. the pedestrian-only area on Salem Al Mubarak Street) is complete without grabbing myself a baked potato.  It has become a bit of a tradition that will be kept with the utmost fealty for years to come.  

The potato stand is just inside the entrance of the building that houses Mahameed and all the little 100 fils stores.  I usually first pass by to order the potatoes and then pick up the baked goods on my way out as else you'll be in for a bit of a wait.  The potatoes are pretty basic and filled with everything that's not good for you, ha!  I'm talking generous helpings of melted cheese, a secret spice mix and monstrous amounts of mayo and ketchup, all of which transforms the humble potato into a culinary delight.  Forget the sour cream and bacon, this is the baked potato you need to try and for 1 KD a pop, why not?  Don't forget to ask for the spicy version!   


  1. Well, I guess you have tried 'Potato Hut' of Boulevard Park. It is near Kids playing area. Best baked potato I have tasted till now.

    Warn you, it is addictive :-D

    1. Hey Varun! I actually haven't tried that one yet. Whenever I try new ones, I always regret it instantly and think back to the Old Salmiya baked potatoes. Ha! Thank you for the tip, I pretty much live at the Boulevard Playground so will try this next time.


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