How to pay a Judgement Execution Fine

Thursday, August 24, 2017

I was involved in a small car accident in May/June last year.  Nothing major, just a little dent to the rear bumper of my car.  The accident was my fault and since the incident, I've been constantly checking online for any fees to pay, but nothing had been posted against my Civil ID.  I'd also traveled out of the country twice and never faced any problems.  

Fast forward more than a year later when I gave my passport to my company to have my residence renewed.  The very next day, I was asked to head over to MOI in Sulaibhikhat.  As my Arabic is pitiful, my company's PR Officer volunteered to come with me.  And thank goodness he did, the staff at the counters do not speak English (or rather choose not to).  Despite the PR Officer speaking in Arabic, they spoke back quite curtly and wouldn't explain where to go next.  I would've been running around like a headless chicken if I'd chosen to go alone!  

I checked my account online on the way and saw that I had a 20 KD fine under Judgement Execution.  Now, unlike traffic violations, this type of fine can't be paid online, so you will need to know where this office is and what to do, hence this post.  I'm also told that this is where to go if you need to apply for clearance.  

MOI Login Page, Kuwait. Check outstanding fines.

Search for "Execution of Criminal Judgments" on Google maps to find the office.  No wonder I couldn't find it, I was searching for MOI.

There are two buildings inside the compound.  First head to the building on the right, which is the Criminal Provisions Implementation Department.  Nice name, I seriously felt like a felon walking in.  We went up to Counter 1, where after handing the staff my Civil ID, I was given a yellow paper and told to pay at the counters behind.  The staff just mumbled incoherently when we asked exactly which one we had to go to, but I eventually paid my fine at Counter 6.  Make sure you bring your KNET card, they will not accept cash.  

After collecting your receipt, head out and to the building on the left called the Registration and Archive Department.  We went to Counter 9, where the friendly policeman (finally, someone who smiled!) checked my records and said that the fine had been cleared from my name.  Take a photo of the receipt for records, because he then collected the paper including the receipt from me for filing. 

And that's it.  It seems idiotically simple now, but when you're walking around not knowing where to go, it can be quite frustrating!  All signs on the counters are also only in Arabic, which can add to the confusion.  When will Kuwait start to be a little more expat friendly?  Seriously, when two thirds of the population are expats, you'd think things would be a little more easier.  Xenophobia?  Perhaps.  

Anyway, here's the MOI Login link to check if you have any outstanding fines against your name.  Good luck!

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  1. Thanks for this really informative post Mimi. Yeah, gov officer's attitude can be a little intimidating and frustrating. Glad you got all things sorted out.


  2. Thanks for sharing Mimi. This post really helped me to sort out my problem. I went through the same situation as yours.


    1. You're most welcome Radhika. Glad to hear that this was helpful!