The Annual Kuwait Fire Services Show

The Annual Kuwait Fire Services Show

Just FYI that the Annual Kuwait Fire Services Show (I'm sure that's not the official name of the show, just coined it now) is happening right now at Souk Sharq.  We happened to pass by on Thursday evening and ended staying for hours.  Great fun for the kids!

Kuwait International Airport Fire Truck

We took a small ride in the cherry picker and also got a chance to sit in the various fire engines, including the ferocious looking truck above!  Everyone was super friendly and though I didn't see a lot of English speaking expats at the show when we were there, the firemen were more than accommodating and switched to English so that I could also understand.

The Annual Kuwait Fire Services Show

We sat through a small class on the basics of fire extinguishers and what to do if we encounter a fire at home.  The fireman also spoke about the importance of having smoke alarms installed in our homes and showed us how to test them every week.  After the class, my girls got a chance to put out a fire.  They couldn't control their excitement and had so much fun!  

The Annual Kuwait Fire Services Show

There was also a stage set up in the area just beyond the doors near Starbucks and Häagen-Dazs with shows and activities for the kids. 
The Annual Kuwait Fire Services Show

I was told that the show would be there over the weekend so pass by Souk Sharq tonight to check it out. 


  1. will it be there this weekend??

    1. Unfortunately I think it was only last weekend. This show is an annual event though and I was lucky enough to be at the Souk Sharq to see it last year as well. I just wish it was a little more publicized and definitely announced beforehand.


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