The Cutest Little Cakes at Or Noyau

Or Noyau in Mangaf, Kuwait

Just wanted to give a shout out to the Or Noyau bakery.  They have the cutest of cakes which not only look great, but are absolutely delicious.  They're the perfect size when you want to cut a cake to celebrate an occasion, but don't want to deal with left overs.  Cakes are famous for migrating to my hips within seconds, so the last thing I need is an almost entire one beckoning me from my fridge.  Think Chloe from Secret Life of Pets, wait, let me find a clip...

A friend of mine lives pretty much next door to the bakery and we've come to expect him to pop on over to the store every time there's a birthday.  

Mini Cakes at Or Noyau, Mangaf, Kuwait

They range from around 2.5 to 3 KD for the mini ones which is such an amazing price.  My favourite has to be their carrot cake.  Funny, you'd think I'd go for chocolate!  And though I'm not normally a red velvet fan, theirs are delicious.  

Mini Cakes at Or Noyau, Mangaf, Kuwait

They have two branches, one in Mangaf (location here) and the other in the City (location here) and sadly none in Salmiya.  One day hopefully.  They do regular sized cakes, canapés and their chocolates are pretty great too.  Check out their cute cakes the next time you have an occasion to celebrate.  


  1. they look so yum. Do they have a Instagram a/c?

  2. The red velvet cakes look amazing!

    Vanessa x |


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