The Kuwait Airport - The 8th Wonder of the World?

I'd cribbed about the Kuwait Airport [post here] when I traveled on holiday earlier this year.  I found the whole system to be utterly disorganized and the staff ill-equipped to handle large numbers of passengers.  Moreover, most of the customs counters were empty during peak hours and at each check point, only one or two of the x-ray machines were in service at any time, leading to further delays.  Our flight ended up being delayed by just over an hour and we missed our connecting flight.  Not a good day.  

Anyway, just read this article in the Kuwait Times today and had to share it [link here].  While I do not think the situation is so bad that we deserve the title of the 8th wonder of the world (and yes, I do understand sarcasm), there's no denying how unfriendly and inefficient the staff are.  Sadly, this is not something the brand spanking new airport will be able to rectify, despite its shiny and glossy outward appearance. 

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