Sheet Masks 101: How to get the most out of your sheet mask

How to get the most out of your sheet mask

Seeing as I just wrote a review on the MaskerAide sheet masks and eye gel patches [review here], I thought it would only be fitting that my next post be on getting the most out of your sheet masks.  I'm no expert and have just started incorporating them into my skincare regime, but here are a few tips and tricks I've picked up along the way.  

Start with a clean base
However tempting it is to just whack on a mask, in order to reap all the benefits, start with a clean base by cleansing and toning before.  It also helps to gently exfoliate as this will remove all that dead skin cell buildup and leave you with the perfect canvas to absorb the nutrient rich serum.

Sheet masks are double sided
Half way through your "treatment", massage the serum in and then flip the mask over to get a double dose of goodness. 

Waste not, want not
Don't let the left over serum to go to waste and make sure to slather it all over your neck, décolletage, arms, legs, heels, etc.  Or.. better yet, try out the next idea. 

DIY Masking
The sachet that housed the sheet mask will more often than not contain more than enough serum to soak another mask.  You can buy dry cotton masks, or do what I did and soak a few cotton pads with the left over serum.  Most cotton pads can be split into layers and use these individual layers as a sort of DIY mask.  Easy right?

Time matters!
I for one didn't know this and thought the longer you left a sheet mask on, the better.  I learned however, that after the stated 10-20 minutes, when the mask starts to dry out, it will actually begin to suck out the moisture from your skin, thus doing the exact opposite of what we want.  

Also, leaving it on longer than the intended time will actually raise the temperature of the skin which causes an increase in bacteria, which in turn can lead to acne and other skin problems.  

Who knew!?  Therefore, to get the most out of your mask, keep an eye on the clock!

Chill by chilling
Sheet masks can be stored in the fridge!  How refreshing would it be to slap on a chilled sheet mask?  Oh, utter bliss!

Do you have any tips on using sheet masks?  Would love to hear.  Happy sheet masking!


  1. D: I didn't realize that leaving sheet masks on for longer than the recommended time could be bad! I figure there's so much "essence" in those packets, might as well let my skin drink it all up! I really like your tip about leaving the mask in the fridge for a sounds extra refreshing.

    1. Me neither and I've been guilty of leaving them on for longer thinking my skin would benefit more. It was only when I started researching on how to best use sheet masks that I learned about this and yes, it does make sense.

      I tried the fridge trick and it felt so great!

  2. Never realize to do a DIY masking of the sheet masks. Great idea! I will take it in advance. X

    1. Thanks! I was thinking of ways to best use the extra serum when I came across this tip. Pretty nifty right?


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