The Good Samaritan

I got a flat tyre near the Jawazat roundabout today morning.  We live nearby and so I called my husband who was thankfully still at home to change the tyre.  Now being a busy place with a lot of merging traffic, there were a few close calls as cars zoomed past on the way to work.  A commuter noticing this, pulled up in his car to shield my husband from the traffic and even stepped out to give us a hand.  A traffic patrol car also spotted us but decided to cruise along without an offer of help or a even a second glance.  

Just wanted to say thank you to the gentleman who left his car and rolled up his sleeves.  Quite a feat I should add as it was easily 40°plus in the morning and lets not forget the crazy humidity we had today.  Though my husband was there, it's nice to see that there are people out there who are willing to step out into the sweltering heat to help someone in need.  


  1. Mimi, I remembered this post of yours today morning :)..

    Today morning as I was driving to work along Road 30, the car in front swerved to the right lane, the reason being that there were a number of tree branches quite big in size lying on the road. It was too late for me to hit the brake and my car drove over them cause one of the branches almost as long as my car getting stuck underneath the car and making a scary noise. I immediately parked and was examining the car hoping someone would help me out for a good 15 mins. People were zooming past looking at me and this included a traffic police who slowed down but didn't stop to help! Finally a cleaner came to my rescue and pulled out the branch. Thank you!

    Today I realized that if you get stuck on Kuwait roads for whatever reason, you got to be extremely lucky to find help. Or is there any helpline/hotline numbers we can call? for towing service etc? Also whom do we call in case of an accident? What is the procedure? Do we not move the car from the site of accident and wait for the police or do we need to move the car to avoid blocking traffic?

    Mimi could you add this info to ur post if you know:)

    BTW I enjoy reading your blog..

    1. Hey! Oh that is unfortunate and I'm sorry you had to struggle alone. I guess I must just have been lucky to have someone stop.

      For a towing service, there is an app called Winch ( which will send a tow truck to you. I'd also read on 248am about a mobile tire service company that will change flats or charge a dead batter and their number is 90997823.

      During an accident, call 112 and the operator will send a police car over. I believe you're supposed to stay put during an accident, but a few months ago when I was involved in one (it was in the middle of an intersection) we both moved our cars so that we wouldn't block the traffic.

      By the way, I love hearing from readers! :-)


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