Ten Pin Bowling at Cozmo

Ten Pin Bowling at Cozmo, Kuwait

If you're racking your brains trying to think of activities to keep the kids amused during the summer holidays, take them ten pin bowling!  Took my girls bowling for the first time over the weekend and they had such a fun time.  

Ten Pin Bowling at Cozmo, Kuwait

As soon as it was their turn, they would start dragging the special ramp over to our lane all by themselves.  Of course they played with the lane bumpers, but the way they were jumping up and down and hi-fiving each other whenever a few pins fell down - priceless!

Ten Pin Bowling at Cozmo, Kuwait

Not just for kids, us oldies had a great time too.  I've only been bowling a handful of times, mainly during my high school days when we used to "hang out" at the mall, ha!  Anyway, regardless of your skill level, its a fun activity and if you're over competitive like me, well, then things really get exciting.   

We went to the Cozmo behind the Plantinum Gym on 30, which is quite small at just 6 lanes, but nice in a cosy way.  Also, during Ramadan, if you book your lane before Iftar, you only pay 1.5 KD per person.  That's quite a deal!  Spent a bit too much money playing all the arcade games afterwards, but still, a fun outing all the same.  There's also a McDonalds right next door when hunger pangs strike.  

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