A New Blog Post Series - Sample Sunday

I have a ridiculous collection of samples that keep growing whenever I visit a skincare or makeup counter.  Some of these are also gifts with purchases and now when I think about it, I have a few more samples sitting in my bathroom!  Vava Voom is famous for handing out samples by the way and I think most of mine are from there.  

I had been reserving them to use up when traveling, but to be honest, when I'm out and about in a strange country and environment, I really don't want to be using something new and would rather like to stick to tried and true products.  

So in a bid to actually get me to use these up, I thought I'd start a new series, "Sample Sunday" where every few weeks or so, I'd write a post on my thoughts about the product that I've been trialing.  I really don't think going through a few samples will give me an in-depth understanding about a product, but at least it'll be a sort of "First Impressions" kind of post along with any improvements that I might see in my skin.  After all, that's what samples are for right?  To give you a feel of a product and to help you determine if its worth dishing out your hard earned cash for.  And hey, who knows, it might turn out to be fun!  

*I'm currently on holiday in Thailand so if I've done this correctly, this post should be up automatically when I'm away.  Fingers crossed!  Do visit me again to read up on my travel experiences.  

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