My Current Favourite TV Shows

I've been watching a lot of British TV shows lately.  Not sure what it is, but they just seem more honest, intelligent and much more realistic.  I love the accent too, though at times it takes a few blank stares, rewind, play... did you catch that? Nope... rewind and play again... Huh?  Argh!

Anyway, thought I'd share with you the three shows I've been hooked on.  I've just seen the first two seasons of each show and am anxiously waiting for the third to finish playing so that I can watch it all at once.  You see, I'm a total binge watcher and have been known to polish off an entire season or two over a weekend. There's a definite pattern between these three, they're all crime/drama!  These will definitely keep you on your toes and its hard to watch just one episode!

1. Broadchurch
Set in a Dorset, a fictional town in England, this follows the investigation into the murder of a 11 year old boy.  Its pretty much a straightforward story-line with suspects being looked into and ruled out, but there's also suspense and excitement as the town's secrets slowly come out.  Really well scripted!  The location is glorious, quite idyllic and romantic.  Season 2 is slower and shows the trial of the main suspect.  It also focuses on an unsolved case from the main detective's past.  A good series to watch and get lost in.  

2. Happy Valley
I almost didn't watch this series.  This starts of a little slow and I contemplated going to paint my nails instead, especially after the "Telly High" Broadchurch left me in.  The story only really begins towards the end of the first episode, so stick with it!  There's something about Sarah Lancashire, the leading actor, that demands your attention.  She's a strong no-nonsense policewoman who is unfazed by whatever is thrown at her and knows how to handle herself in every situation.  The accents are a little heavy and hard to understand at times, but you do understand what's going on from the context.  Again, set in a beautiful location, however everything looks damp and wet all the time and there are only a few, if any at all, bright and sunny scenes.  I won't be able to do this show justice with my weak review, so do watch this, you'll be addicted in no time.

3. The Fall
While searching for reviews about Happy Valley on IMDB, The Fall came up as a recommended show.  It even had a higher rating so how could I not watch this right?  It starts off straight away by revealing the killer  Yup, that's right, you know who he is right from the start.  Though a great show, it didn't come up to the level of Happy Valley.  The slow lacked that suspense that normally builds up at the end of each episode forcing you to watch another and another.  Some of the scenes are a little clumsy and then there are scenes that just go against common sense and are a little too convenient.  But you know its good when you start rooting for the murderer and you almost don't want him to get caught.  I guess it's his uncanny calmness as he goes about his killing spree.

Let me know your must see telly recommendations.  Would love to hear from you.  


  1. hey, I spotted you on Tanya's blog and decided to check your blog out! I have enjoyed reading it and decided to say hi! You can also check mine out if you've got any time! Interested in any collabs?

    1. Hey! Thanks for stopping by. Just checked out your blog and I would love to do a collab, but the thought of it is a little scary at the moment, especially since I've only just started out. :-) Maybe sometime in the future?


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