Though Airbnb has been around since 2008, its not so well known here in Kuwait, I guess everyone just prefers to book into the nearest 5 star hotel when travelling?  In fact, it was just last year that I first heard of Airbnb.  I want to say that it was through a fellow blogger's post, but a search on google isn't bringing up anything.  Recently, a few mums on a facebook group I belong to were asking about booking with Airbnb and so I thought I'd write up on my experience.  Who knows?  This might help someone in the future.

Last year we holidayed in Greece (I say it like we "holiday" every year, but truth be told, this was our first real holiday with the kids) and for our Athens leg of the trip, after having looked at a few different hotels, we decided to find a place on Airbnb. Home Page

Navigating through the website is easy enough.  On the homepage, you need to enter your destination, the dates you'll be there and the number of guests.  The search results are listed on the next page along with a few additional filters that can be applied like the number of rooms, beds, bathrooms, various amenities, price, etc.  You also have the option of booking an entire home/apartment, booking just a room or even sharing a room.  Easy right? Search Results

Take your time and go through the listings that stand out to you.  Check out the photos and make sure to read through ALL the reviews as there might be factors like a noisy or dicey neighbourhood which may not be apparent otherwise.  If available, look at the google street-view as well.  There's also a contact host button on the site where you can communicate with the owner if you need to make any special arrangements.

Other than the obvious cost advantage, booking through Airbnb gives you the freedom of having your own place while on holiday.  Travelling with small children, it was great to have a full fledged kitchen to whip up breakfasts and snacks and to have all that open space rather than being cooped up in a tiny hotel room.  Of course, finding an awesome place on Airbnb will depend on the location.  While in Mykonos, we found Airbnb places to be few and far between and it was just more worthwhile to book a hotel.  (We ended up with a gorgeous hotel right on the beach!) 

Unfortunately the place we had booked isn't listed anymore, but it was a really funky 2 bed loft with artsy decor and just a stone's throw from the Poet Sandal Maker!  Our host was absolutely amazing and was there at the place to drop off the keys when we arrived.  She'd also made up a small welcome guide with must see places, where to eat, nearby laundromats, grocery stores, etc along with directions to each place which just made our whole experience that much more special.

Photos taken from
The loft we booked via while staying in Athens, Greece
The loft we booked via while staying in Athens, Greece
If you're thinking of trying out Airbnb, sign up with this referral link (here) to get a $20 travel credit.  For a 5 night stay, our bill came up to just 293, inclusive of all charges.  That's just 20 KD a night!  For a comfortable, safe and unique stay that's cheaper than a hotel room, give Airbnb a try the next time you travel. 

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