Trip to Winterland and the Zoo

We had a long weekend last week and 3 days cooped up in an apartment with a 2 and 5 year old is not fun.  Ha!  So we had to get out and explore and ended up visiting Winterland (Location here).

Their website says that they're open from 10am to 10pm so in order to beat the crowd, we were on location at sharp 10 in the morning.  Huge mistake, because nothing was open save for a few rides.  I just noticed Winterland's instagram page which says that they're open from 1pm - 10pm.  Guess no one bothered to update the website. 

It was nice though as since there were just a few families, we were allowed to play for as long as we wanted and the staff in charge of the trampolines even let me on (Granted, I can pass for a child at times) and I had fun letting my inner child go free. 

My girls enjoyed the pony ride.  They also had bigger horses for older kids.

I had heard that there was an outdoor ice skating rink and was rather curious to see it in action, I mean, an outdoor rink in fiercely hot Kuwait?  On seeing the rink though I was disappointed to learn that it was just marble.  Can you skate on marble?  I guess you can.

There were quite a few food stalls, but they only started setting up around 11:30 am.  We were too pooped by then and needed food pronto and so decided that we'd come back another day during the evening.  There were also a few rows of stalls as well but they were all closed so I'm not sure what they were selling. 

Admission to Winterland is free by the way, but be prepared to lose some serious cash as the rides are exorbitantly priced at 1-2 KD each.  Ouch! 

Since we still had the whole day ahead of us, my niece suggested the zoo and so after picking up some takeaway lunch, we headed over there.  My oldest daughter has been to the zoo a few times from her playschool, but I'd never been before in my what, 7 years of existence in Kuwait and so I guess I was the most excited out of the group to go.

Now, if you have high blood pressure, do not visit the zoo.  Everywhere you turn, you'll see children and adults alike jumping fences to feed the animals an assortment of junk food, leaves and even garbage.  Where on earth are the zoo keepers and the security guards!?  I even saw a very distinguished looking gentlemen trying to stuff his ice cream cone through the fence to feed one of the animals.  Sad, sad state.

Don't get me wrong, visiting the zoo was fun and my girls enjoyed seeing all the animals, but I wish the people visiting the zoo behaved with a little more dignity and respected the zoo rules.

I'd heard that the train was under maintenance, but was happy to see that it was back in action and for 500 fills per person, we had a quick ride through the zoo.   All in all, it was a long but fun day and we packed up to go home around 5pm.

Winterland is only open till March 5 so you have just a few more days to go and have a look.  The zoo is open all day during the winter and admission is just 500 fills per person.  

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