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Monday, September 19, 2016

I'm always a little wary about online shopping and wonder how others can purchase clothing and shoes online without trying them on first.  Am I the only one who never knows their exact size and needs to try on at least 2 or 3 different sizes?  And of course, a dress may look absolutely fabulous on the model, but not necessarily always on me.  Ha!  

Aside from fit, there's the worry about parcels going missing.  I've had a few disappear and have no idea where to even begin looking, our postal service in Kuwait is the pits!  I've also had a box opened, an item removed (stolen!) and then been handed a re-sealed box.  Luckily the website I ordered from refunded the cost of the missing item (bless 'em).  And then there's the uncertainty of exactly how much I'll have to cough up over shipping and customs charges once the parcels eventually arrive in Kuwait.  

A review on my shopping experience with

So when wrote about Edfa3ly, I immediately went over to the website to check them out.  I know there are quite a few forwarding services like Posta Plus, Shop & Ship, etc, but I've only used whenever I've needed something that either isn't available here in Kuwait or is ridiculously priced.  Mainly because there's no sign up fee and I know what the total price will be whilst browsing.  

I'm going to be honest here and state that I don't like the name Edfa3ly.  I have no idea how to pronounce it and the 3 just throws me off.  I guess the word has an Arabic meaning to it, but still.  

To compare between Mr. Babu and Edfa3ly, I tried entering in the same items into both sites and found Edfa3ly to be at least 50% cheaper each time, and that's even after calculating and adding on the shipping charge, which is just $1.33/100g!

Once your order arrives in Kuwait, you can have it either delivered to your home (for a 2kd runner fee), or you can pick it up from their office in Shuwaikh.

The Edfa3ly Office in Shuwaikh, Kuwait

There are a few items that you can't purchase due to their company policy and orders containing those items will be cancelled and the amount either refunded or used later as store credit.  I do find the website a little confusing at times, or is that just me?  But apart from that, no complaints.  Their customer service is amazing and a staff called Nada spent a good part of an hour with me answering questions and helping me with my order.  

Edfa3ly at the moment only ships from online stores in the US and UK and they deliver to Kuwait and Egypt.  I learned from them that they will be starting shipments to Qatar and Saudi Arabia in the near future.

I placed my order on the 22nd of August and got a call on the 15th of September saying that my order had arrived in Kuwait.  Though that's a lot later than I had expected, I guess the Eid holidays may have slowed things down a bit. I was a little worried as my order contained a fragile item, but it had been repackaged with plenty of packing peanuts and the parcel was handed to me in perfect condition.  Their office is a bit of a mess (if I'm being completely honest) with parcels all over the place, but the staff were extremely friendly and I couldn't have been happier.  They have various discount codes up on their website from time to time so check out Edfa3ly here.  

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  1. Hi Mimi,
    Did u have to pay for the customs or did u manage to use the discount code by 248am?

    I enjoy reading your blogs.

    1. Hi Sonia, I'd used the discount code from 248am so I didn't have to pay any customs or shipping fees. They do have coupon codes on every now and then for 100% off customs, shipping, etc so I guess you could wait for a coupon to order something. Then again, the customs fee is just 5% of the total of the product so it won't come up to much. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  2. earlier they had a delivery charge, now they don't. The delivery is free . This is a new development with them because a lot of their customers have requested the charge be removed. I love their service

    1. No delivery fee? Do you mean the shipping costs to Kuwait or the fee for the runner bringing the item to your home? Either way, that's an improvement on an already great service!

  3. Hey there! How come i didn't find your blog earlier :( sigh* anyway, now or later, at least i got it. I want to order something from sephora usa, contacted there Facebook page got well replied. But one thing i am confused about, how would you know the weight of the product you are going to order, if it's not written on the seller website? So you will not know the weight charge? And then at the end you will be charged according to the weight, at it might be way high? Can you tell me how your order went regarding this issue?

    1. Hey Nadia! Its so good to hear from you! Glad you're liking the blog.

      Both times when I'd ordered from Edfa3ly, they had free shipping coupons up to a certain limit, I think it was up to 3kg and since makeup doesn't weigh much, it was covered under the coupon code.

      But for a friend, after placing the order, she was contacted by Edfa3ly with the total cost including the shipping amount and she could choose whether to continue with the order or not, which is great!

      They have a live chat on their website and they respond back quickly so you can double check with them.

  4. edfa3ly is one of worst sit ever ,those are not honest at all ,I do not recommend any one to buy via Edfa3ly

    1. Hey, I'm so sorry to hear that. I've been hearing a few negative reviews about Edfa3ly since this post, but fortunately I've had only amazing experiences.