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While scrolling through my Instagram feed following a very disappointing visit to Kosebasi (post!), I spotted a post by nomsvilleme declaring the Adana Kebap from Iskender Doner the best she's ever tried.  ( Give her some love on instagram by the way, her food pictures are mouth watering!)  Now after a statement like that, there's no way I could not try them out for myself and off we went in search of Iskender Doner. 

Iskender Doner, Kuwait

Iskender Doner is located right on the roundabout near the Downtown Holiday Inn.  There's a lot of construction work going along and it took us two rounds before we figured out where to park.  (Get in behind the restaurant and there's plenty of parking space to the right of it)

Hummus with Beef Donner - Iskender Doner, Kuwait

The menu looked great and we ordered the Hummus with Beef Donner (KD 1.750) and we demolished this easily (and wiped the plate clean) with the warm kubboos that we'd also been served.  Portion size is a little small, the photo is deceiving, that is a small bowl!  But hey, if it tastes great, I'm not complaining.

Spicy Adana Kebab - Iskender Doner, Kuwait

Now, I'd gone in with the intention of ordering the Adana Kebab that nomsvilleme had raved about, but my Indian side got excited seeing Spicy Kebabs (KD 3.750)  on the menu and I decided to go with that instead.  I was expecting beautifully spiced heat infused kebabs, however what we got were kebabs with some sort of red chili paste/powder sort of thing sprinkled over the kebabs. The chili on top was raw and a little overwhelming.  It might be an acquired taste, but it wasn't for me.  The underlying kebab however was delicious and I wished I'd ordered the regular kebabs.  

Iskender Pizza - Iskender Doner, Kuwait

Dining with kids, they got super excited seeing the Iskender Pizza (KD 3.500) on the menu and so we ordered that for them.  Oh boy, this dish was yum!  My girls promptly reserved the entire pizza for them and I was only allowed to take a tiny bite but it was heavenly.  The base was light and crispy and the meat on top was beautiful.  I didn't care much for the dollops of yoghurt on top and we promptly scraped it off, but I would definitely reorder this dish.  

Helva Dessert - Iskender Doner, Kuwait

Last was dessert.  We were confused about what to order and so we went with our server's suggestion - a hot semolina cake with ice cream inside (KD 2.250).  I forgot to note down the name of this dish.  The receipt says Helva, but I don't recognize the name and am sure it was called something else on the menu.  It sounded simple, but sometimes, it is the simplest of things that takes your breath away.  I think it was the combination of the hot cake with the cold ice cream that did it but this dessert was right on the money!  We loved it so much that we shamelessly ordered another and could've probably polished off a third had we given ourselves the chance.  Just a simple honest dessert with nowhere to hide.  A must order!

The restaurant is small with only about 6 tables inside, but a definite must try if you find yourselves in the city.  Affordable and delicious food, what more could you want?

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  1. Stock photos? Oh wow, thank you! Yes you definitely need to try them out and yes, do order the Iskender Pizza! It is delicious!


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