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If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know how deeply I feel about recycling.  I cannot believe that there is no proper recycling scheme organized by the Kuwait government.  I do see recycling bins installed in various co-ops from time to time, only to have them removed or shifted without any notice - and no one knows anything as usual.  Different companies have tried their hands at recycling, but they just all seem to shut down all too quickly and boxes of recyclables go uncollected.  I feel so guilty throwing out items in the trash like tins, milk bottles, etc which should normally be recycled.  

Clothes are a another one.  My kids grow out of them so quickly...who am I kidding here, I grow out of my clothes even quicker!  I usually store unwanted items (they take up so much space though!) until I hear of a clothing drive or a charity that is collecting or I give them to my helper who knows people in need who might benefit from the items.   

So knowing my stand on recycling, you can imagine how happy I was to see Carbon Fiber in the Avenues (1st floor, opposite Ecco) displaying the below box in their store.  I love when stores get on board with recycling and I do my best to get the word out as much as possible.  

Recycling Box in Carbon Fiber, The Avenues, Kuwait

H&M has had a similar initiative for a few years now and last month it finally came to Kuwait!  Apparently, you can hand in your old clothes to any H&M store to be re-purposed.  Read more about the H&M initiative here (link!)

H&M Let's Close the Loop - recycling initiative in Kuwait

On a similar note, Second Chance is a charity boutique that accepts donations of clothing, toys, books, furniture, etc.  They've been doing some great work so show them a little love.  Here's links to their Facebook: Second Chance Charity Kuwait and Instagram: @secondchanceq8 or contact Lynn on 60033022.  

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