Review: Shawarma Matic

A review on the Kabbab Sandwich, Chicken Tandoor Shawarma and the Meat Shawarma from the Shawarma Matic on Baghdad Street in Salmiya, Kuwait

The 5 days we have off for Eid, leads to a lot of eating out.  Well, that and a lot of window shopping at the malls.  What else can you do when temperatures are averaging 50ºC right?  Driving around Salmiya at dinner time, we spotted the Shawarma Matic on Baghdad Street and as we'd never tried it, decided to get a few shawarmas.  They have a good variety of shawarmas and sandwiches including a build your own option and for all dishes, you have a choice of either Lebanese bread, a French baguette or saj.  (I found the saj to be slightly doughy and preferred the Lebanese bread).  

Funny enough, the best Donner Kebab I've ever had was in a non-Arab country and whenever I spot it on the menu, I usually try and order it.  Unfortunately, though it was on the menu, the staff told us that it's no longer served.  We decided on the Kabbab Sandwich (KD 0.750/1.400) instead but weren't all that impressed.  Though the photo shows two kabbabs in the sandwich, ours only had one and a bit and there was just too much bread for that one tiny kabbab.  The sandwich was also quite dry.  An okay tasting dish, but one to skip over next time.  

The staff recommended the Chicken Tandoori Shawarma (KD 0.850/1.600), maybe because of our Indian origin.  I normally don't order chicken shawarmas but decided to give it a try. I probably should've gone with my first instincts as the flavours were all wrong and this was just bad in general. 

We also ordered the Meat Shawarma (KD 0.750/1.400) which is my go-to order whenever I get a shawarma.  A safe and easy choice and it was actually really good.  It was jam packed with meat and had the right amount of sauce.  My husband has gone as far as declaring it his current favourite.  Now that's a high title and we'll definitely be back to order this one again.  

You can find their menu here.  

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