Review: Dean and Deluca

Hunger pangs struck while shopping at the Avenues (lots of summer sales on right now) and we decided to have an early dinner at Dean & Deluca.  The restaurant is conveniently located right in the middle of the mall and its so easy to pop in for a quick meal, especially when you're out with a temperamental toddler. 

Dean & Deluca has a wide variety of cuisines, from soups, salads and sandwiches to pizzas, curries, steaks and even sushi!  There's always something for everyone.  Often, I've seen restaurants that offer a large selection suffer in terms of quality and put out mediocre food, but Dean & Deluca somehow makes it work.  Though, it is a very casual café style restaurant so don't go in expecting fine dining.   

We were seated right away and handed two menus, one was their regular menu and the other contained special Arabic dishes.  It must have been a while since we've last visited Dean & Deluca as our favourite lamb chops was missing from the menu.  Sad times. 

Dean & Deluca's Penne Rigate pasta with mushrooms

We decided to skip the starters and go straight for the good stuff.  The kids shared a plate of creamy penne rigate (Thanks to Masterchef, I know my pasta!) with mushrooms.  It was a generous portion and the kids loved it, however, for 4.5 KD, I would've thought there would be some kind of protein along with the pasta.  The pasta was also just shy of being al-dente, though not a biggy. 

Dean & Deluca's Maki Roll

I chose the Maki Roll (3.95 KD) and the husband had the BBQ ribs (6.95 KD).  I know, Dean & Deluca sounds like an odd place to have sushi, but I'm no connoisseur and I'm quite happy with any crispy tempura style sushi that's served with a thick creamy sauce over it.  It was an absolute kicker and I contemplated ordering another platter, that is until I managed to steal one of my husband's ribs.  (I'm suddenly getting flashbacks to Adam & Eve)

Dean & Deluca's BBQ Ribs with a side of fries and a small salad

The BBQ ribs though delicious, did now wow us.  It didn't have that "fall off the bone" factor and probably needed a little more time braising.  I should repeat that they were still delicious.  The ribs came with a side of fries which the girls couldn't stop eating and a small salad, which was all mine.  What is it with men and salads, its not a garnishing, its meant to be eaten. 

We didn't have dessert this time as sugar, kids and bedtime just isn't a good mix.  Overall a good meal at 17.400 KD. 

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