Claire's Nail Polishes

I shop in Claire's every now and then, but its usually to get a headband or a cute pair of earrings for my two girls and never for myself.  The store does sell cosmetics, but I've always written them off as being cheap quality and aimed for just playing dress-up.

Well, that is until a few years ago when one of my closest friends sent me a few goodies all the way from the UK including two nail polishes from Claire's, namely a nail hardener and a top coat.  Now, I'm the type of person who chips her nail polish the very next day.  Maybe I'm just very careless, or do the type of girls who's manicures last all week just sit around doing nothing all day?

I used the nail hardener as a base and the top coat over my regular polish and regardless of what brand of polish I was wearing, these two Claire's polishes extended my wear time to at least 3 days with very minimal tip wear. Now granted, its no Seche Vit, but this is a good alternative that's easily available.

Now back then, the Claire's here in Kuwait didn't stock these two particular polishes and I was so upset when I had used them up.  Anyway, last month I found them in the Claire's at the Marina Mall and of course snatched them up immediately!  They are just 2.75KD each (I got them on a BOGO free offer) and definitely worth every penny!  Q80 HighStreet has also written about the Claire's blotting sheets, so that's another Claire's product I want to try out (unfortunately, the post is in Arabic).  Claire's, seriously, who would've thought that an accessory store that caters to kids and tweens had good beauty related products!

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