The Body Shop's Fuji Green Tea Bath Tea

Having seen a lot of beauty bloggers raving about the Green Tea range in The Body Shop, I'd been wanting to try out this range, namely the Bath Tea for quite a while.  The whole concept of being able to soak in a bath full of tea just sounds different and oh so luxurious!  Green tea is well known for its antioxidants and detoxifying properties, but did you know that Japanese women have been using it in their beauty routines for tightening pores and retaining moisture?

The bath tea retails here in Kuwait for 10KD, however it is sold for the equivalent of 5.2KD in the UK and 6KD in the USA.  Do not even get me started about how unfair that is!  Sigh...I would also suggest you buy the tea infuser which is sold separately.  You can use the bath tea directly in your bath, but unless you want leaves floating around in who knows where, using the infuser is a great idea. It also makes cleaning up easier afterwards. 

The bath tea comes packaged in a sturdy metal tin and smells heavenly.  The tea doesn't just contain green tea leaves, but also a mix of bath salts, camellia leaves, basil leaves and aloe vera.  You can really smell the basil and I liken the scent to Jo Malone's Lime, Basil & Manderin cologne which is one of my all time favourite scents! 

There aren't any instructions on the tin, so I just poured an arbitrary amount into the tea infuser and ran a hot bath.  The salts dissolved quickly and I then tossed the infuser into the bath to let the tea seep.  After a bit, the water started turning a very pale green. 

Now, I'm not sure what I was expecting, but the strong scent of the bath tea in the tin did not translate to the water, even after adding in more salts.  The scent is definitely there, but I was expecting a much more stronger scent which would engulf me while I lay in the bath soaking.  Make sure to rinse the tub out afterwards because the tea can stain.  I accidentally left the tea infuser on top of my bath tub over night and it left the below stain. 

My skin was noticeably softer at the end and there was a faint scent of the tea on my body which I could catch a whiff off every now and then.  If you have the green tea body butter, use it after your bath to layer and prolong the scent and complete the experience. 

I loved the whole novelty of having a bath tea with the strainer, but the scent needs to be upped a bit more.  If you like having long relaxing baths, do give it a try, however pick it up during one of The Body Shop's big sales.  Its a nice unique product and it has its merits, but I think I'll stick to my trusty bubble baths. 


  1. Can this be used in a bucket of water instead of tub?

    1. Hey! I'd say no because to truly benefit from the salts and the green tea, you'd need to soak in it. The salts will soften you skin while the green tea is supposed to relax and soothe you. But hey, it would make for a refreshing bath I guess. The scent though is really subtle and would probably be lost if you were to just pour the water on you mind you.


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