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Monday, August 28, 2017

Tavola - Al Tilal Complex, Shuwaikh, Kuwait. Wilton

I'd written back in September (post here!) about Tavola shifting to the Al Tilal complex in Shuwaikh (they were earlier located on the corner of Ghazali, i.e. 60 and 3rd Ring Road).  I'd visited the store shortly after they'd shifted to scope out the new place and stock up on supplies.  Though I'd taken a few photos then, I'd never posted it as Tavola is a bit of a household name among my group of friends (they're all avid bakers).  But lately I've realized that not many people are aware of this gem of a store and thought I'd post my old photos here. 

Kitchen Aids at Tavola - Al Tilal Complex, Shuwaikh, Kuwait

I'm so crushing on that mint green Kitchen Aid...one day you will be mine!  

Tavola - Al Tilal Complex, Shuwaikh, Kuwait

Now, its not just baking accessories and kitchenware.  They sell Yankee candles and other home fragrances and I even spotted some Tweezerman tweezers at the till which are ONLY the best tweezers in the world.  The store is gorgeous and a great place to spend time ogling at everything.  

Tavola - Al Tilal Complex, Shuwaikh, Kuwait

Upstairs is where all the bake-ware is displayed including anything and everything Wilton related.  There's also a space where Tavola conducts classes.

Tavola - Al Tilal Complex, Shuwaikh, Kuwait

Below is a brochure I had picked up at Tavola, but head on over to their website (click here!) to see their complete list of classes.  They're also on instagram (link!)
Tavola Class Brochure

Tavola Class Brochure
Tavola is the only place I know that sells the Wilton gel icing colours and I hate how they're all the way in Shuwaikh.  We need a store in Salmiya...but I can see on the website that they offer delivery on orders above 8KD which is fantastic!  See below for their location on google maps.

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